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Saturday, 23 August 2014
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Advanced Excel Training for MIS Reporting (All Level-1,2,3)


Course Objective

IPT has designed One Course for Complete MIS Profile , in this course covered Advanced Excel Featured, Advanced Excel Formulas with Automation Tricks, Dashboard Reporting , Excel VBA Automation with power programming and MS Access database with SQL Query Language, Every this topic covered in this course required for MIS Executive Job, This training held by also working professional our Trainer have already working this profile since more than 10 years

Comprehensive Course Coverage
Certified Expert Trainers
Excel Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
Online and Class Room Training
Free 4 Days Demo Class
Class Recording Facility
Direct Contact your Trainer
All Trainers have Working Experience
Live Data and Example use in Class
Every Weekend Take Live Projects
Free Re-Joining
Free Video Class facility
Interview Preparation
Get a Help on Office Projects

Advanced Excel Training Service focuses upon the basic to advance excel training and also facilitates the candidate to understand the application of excel in their domain area.

It is drilled down to 3 levels (Advanced Excel with Formulas, Excel VBA Macros Programming and MS Access with SQL Query)

Advanced Excel with Formulas (Level - 1)
What is MIS
How can Work Reports in Office Live
Data Type and Reports Type
Data Analysis Concept
Benefits of Report Automation
Report chain System
MNC Report Types
Ms Office Architecture

Advanced Excel & Formulas

Excel Shortcuts & Setting
Excel Menu Bars (All Menu Bars)
Advanced Paste
Advance Custom Formatting
Advance Conditional Formatting
Advance Protection
Data Handling with sorting and Filter
Data summarization with Pivot
Advanced Pivot Table
Pivot with Access and SQL Server
Report Representation with Charts
Formulas ( More Than 200 Formulas)
Logical formulas (If , Or, and , iferror)
Text formulas for Data Cleaning
Date and Time Calculation
Lookup formulas
Advanced Vlookup, Match, Index, Offset
Data Summarization with Formulas
Database Information with formulas
Report Automation Project with formulas

Database Connectivity
Use Microsoft Queries
Query data from Web
Solver Tool
Advanced Filter and Data Validation
What if Analysis with Scenario Manager
Subtotal on Data Report
Array Formulas
Dynamic Charts
Advanced Conditional Formatting
Excel Button use on Charts

BI through Dashboards
Dynamic charts and reports
KPI Dashboard
Customer Service Dashboard in Excel
Project Management Dashboard
Information Dashboard on Survey Results
Dashboard On Power Point

Power Point 2013

Excel Chart in Power Point

Excel VBA Power Programming For Macros (Level - 2)

Start-Up VBA Macros
Fundamental of VBA Programming
Algorithm and Flow Chart for Programming
Problem Solving Method

Excel Macros

Excel Macros Recording
Assign Macros on Excel Sheet Objects
Editing in Recording Macros

Excel VBA Macros Programmig

Introduction of VBA coding Platform (VBE)
Programming code Concept
Formatting and Excel Command Codes

Data Type Declearation

Variables and Calculation on VBA
Logical Condition (If Else, Or, and, Case, Switch, choose)
Loops in VBA

Loops (For , Each, Do While, Until)

Excel VBA Formulas & Function

VBA Function and Make New Excel Formulas with VBA

User interface with Userform
Create Custom Dialog Box with User Form
Create New Menu Bars with Userform
VBA Pivot Table
Create Pivot Table with VBA
Pivot Report Automation with VBA
Pivot Report From MS Access Data
Pivot Report From SQL Data
Pivot Relationship with VBA
VBA Charts Events
Create Pivot Charts with VBA
Charts Automation with VBA
Dynamic Chart with Excel and Data From MS Access Data
Chart Events
Charts on UserFom

Picture Events
Load Picture On UserForm
Picture Lookup Cells and Drive
Form Project
VBA Connectivity
Other Application Connectivity like Access, PPT,
Outlook, SQL, InterNet form, Word, Folder, CP and more
E-Mail Automation
SQL Statements with VBA Programming

Website Data Connectvity
Data Automation From Website
Send Data Excel To Website Form
Microsoft Web Query

Microsoft Query Connectivity

PDF Automation with VBA
Outlook Mailing Automation with VBA
Mailing Connectivity with G-Mail and Other POP Server with CDO Connectivity
Create HTML Mail Format with Outlook and Other Mailing Connectivity

MS Access VBA & SQL Statement(Level - 3)

MS Database Relationship and Table
Query, Reports and Forms
MS Access VBA Overview
Forms Events
Form Connect to Table
SQL Select Statement
SQL Insert Statement
All SQL Statement worked in VBA
MS Access to MS Excel Linked
MS Excel Form to MS Access Linked
MS Access to Outlook Connection

Final Report Automation Projects

Advance Excel and MIS Training with VBA Macros
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