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Thursday, 9 December 2010

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We will providing online classes on vedic-courses it includes:-Vastu, Vedic-astrology, palmistry, Numerology, fengshui & so on.
Ayurveda is the classical medical tradition of India, its natural healing system. As its name Veda suggests, Ayurveda has a close relationship with Hindu astrology. Its vast scope contains all forms of healing, from herbs to surgery and psychology. Ayurveda provides treatment methods that enable each individual to take responsibility for their own health, offering many forms of self-care.
Ayurveda and Hindu astrology are closely related aspects of Vedic science. Many astrologers in India have practiced Ayurveda and many vaidyas, Ayurvedic doctors, have been astrologers. Even when not trained in Ayurveda, astrologers still consider disease and its treatment. Even when not trained in astrology, Ayurvedic doctors refer to astrology and astrological treatment methods.
Vedic astrologer can determine the physical constitution and appearance of the individual from the birth chart. They can figure out basic health, longevity and disease tendencies. They can see which planets have the power to cause disease, what kinds of diseases are likely to occur, what parts of the body are likely to be affected, and when these problems are likely to occur.Medical astrology is one of the main branches of Hindu Astrology. As it includes remedial measures for harmonizing planetary influences, it is perhaps the most practical branch as well. It includes the entire astrology of healing. Not only Hindu astrology helpful for ordinary disease conditions, it also has means of diagnosis and treatment for diseases that are not curable by usual medical methods.
Diseases, like all disharmonies in life, are associated with negative planetary influences. Several methods exist through which planetary influences can be harmonized. The foremost of these is gem therapy, which is based on colour therapy.
The planets represent the basic energies operating in the cosmos, the prime forces that operate in all life. As such, our life can be arranged to counteract the negative planetary influences in our chart. The right diet, right herbs, right location in which to live, right livelihood, and right spiritual practices can all be used to balance planetary forces. For example, Mars is a hot planet and, if it is too strong, it can cause heat disorders like fever, inflammation, and infection, as well as traumas and injury. Its influence can be countered by cooling food, cooling herbs, a cool climate, and cool colours, as well as by special gems and mantras.
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