What is a pit-type weighbridges and their benefits? - Delhi

Monday, 3 January 2022

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This type of scale is best for places with limited space, such as hilly areas where digging a hole is not an expensive undertaking. Since the platform is at ground level, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Most public scales prefer this design.
The electronic static bridge for the scale consists of a precisely reinforced beam frame with cross members and a non-slip top deck that conforms to construction without holes. The entire steel frame is mounted on dual rotating strain gauges with round caps/double-sided shear beams/pressure cells depending on the length of the platform. The shear stress generated by the load is recorded by a strain gauge, the complete bridge circuit, and converted into an analogue electrical signal. The signal from each load cell for silo is fed to the junction box. The junction box output is fed to the intelligent terminal based on the microprocessor scale. The terminal processing electronics digitizes the signal from the junction box with the ADC based on the proven four-tone integration technology and the weight is recorded on the LED display.
The surface coating is specially refined: first, the body is strictly treated with anti-corrosion and oxide coating, second, the controlled surface is twice sprayed with high-quality epoxy and zinc-rich anti-rust paint, then anti-rust coating. sprayed with orange acrylic-polyurethane acid, which will be widely used in the shipbuilding industry. It significantly improves abrasion, anti-press, anti-ageing, and anti-corrosion properties.
The benefits of pit type weighbridges are:
•The path for truck movement is not required as it is installed at ground level
•Tricycles and tractor carts can also be weighed because the platforms are at ground level.
•Less space required (no ramps)
•The time required for weighing a truck is so less so it is also time-efficient and big trucks can be weighed easily.