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Saturday, 2 July 2011

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City: Delhi
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Automotive (motor oils, gear oils, greases, coolants) and bike oils. Industrial(hydraulic, cutting, circulating, transformer and process oils segments. Garage equipments and parts :
lifts, brake fluid testers, lpg/cng gas kits, polution checking devises, hose reels, oil cleaning chemicals. Automatic tyre changers, pressure gauges. Machine tools
cnc machining centres, lathes, grinders, gear cutting machines. Instruments:
metrological, petro-chemical, analytical and sensors, universal testing machines. Crankcase/engine oils
aropol super hd-plus sae 30, sae 40 and sae 20w40
aropol rotocab mg 20w/50 api sg/cc
aropol super extra sae 30, sae 40 and sae 20w40
aropol ultra diesel hd cf4, ci & cd-ii
aropol turbo super 15w/40
arogas super special 15w/40 cng/lpg
bikes and scooters
aropol super moto 4t oil
aroshock-shocker oil
aro-super 2t oil (self mixing 2t oil
grear oils
arogard mp gear oils (gl-4
arogard hypoid gear oil (gl-5 series
aropol ap3 grease
norplex mp3 grease
wheel bearing hd grease
chassis grease
industrial oils and greases
lotus hydraulic aw oils
rubber processing oils (aromatic, parafinic, napthenic
lotus hydraulic oils hlp
amoil spin oils (spindle oils
aroslip slide way oils
arocool compressor oils-vcl
aro-refrigeration oils
transformer oils
aro-cutsol (soluble cutting oils
arothermic oils