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Friday, 14 April 2017
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UC News app, which is developed by Alibaba group, brings you the latest and breaking news right on your Android device in almost every category such as Bollywood, cricket news, Technology, business, entertainment etc. With this amazing app you can explore and Discover events around the world as they happen and stay updated with every news happening in your local area, in the Nation or all around the world.
Link to download: httpaff.mclick.mobi/171931/bonchen
Free UC News app is available in both English as well as Hindi language and today hundreds of million people are using this app in order to keep updated with every single trendy news. More than 20 different channels are offered in the app that stays you up to date with all the latest updates and news of the country as well as the whole world. Several other exciting features are consisting in the app that makes it one of the leading news application across the globe in such a small time span.
By default, the app shows all its categories to its users which can be changed or edited in the settings. By clicking on the settings option, one can easily select the categories that he or she wants to follow as well as they can prioritize as to which category to displayed upfront. You can choose any of your preferred area and get every latest and trending news on it. Latest now look at some of the main categories on which this news app allows you to get daily trending stories
Entertainment news by UC News App
Users get the news of entertainment and stay updated with every breaking news whether it is about celebrity Or with regard to any film or anything else.
Business news through UC News Download
Never miss any single business news with this Superb application. It keeps you every minor or small detail of the concerned business and keeps you upto date.
Cricket news through UC news app download
Get live cricket score on UC News app and even get the news of every sport that you are interested in. Whenever you open the app, you will be notified with all the news.
International news by UC News
You are also provided with the news of whole world and enables you to know what is happening all around the world.
Some of the top 10 best key features of this UC News APP
1. UC News will always show you the smart news and acts like a bridge by keeping you updated with every latest and trending news of your nearby area, national news and world news.
2. Over 20 different channels are offered that helps in connecting with news of almost every kind.
3. The amazing app collects millions of the stories and curate popular channels for its registered users.
4. Users are also get notified whenever any important news or update comes.
5. New feature of this app makes it one of the efficient application that consumes very low data connectivity and even can be run in a low network connection.
6. Smart news reader feature enables the user to spend more time in reading the news and very little or less time in searching for a particular news.
7. With this amazing app you can quickly and instantly scan the headlines of every news and dive deep into only for that news that you like, basically this app encourages seamless reading for its users without any distraction.
8. You are also provided with amazing videos that never let you bore. The videos comes with a great mix of jokes, gossips and funny videos.
9. Offline reading mode helps you in reading the articles or stories of your favourite channel without even connecting to Internet. With the help of this mode, users can read their favourite news articles anytime and anywhere.
10. You can speak up on any issue and can exchange your views with millions of people all around the world by sharing your opinions on the topic concerned.
Few other Features of UCNewsApp
1. It selects the trendy or most popular discussion topics, current trends and local updates of India as well as of the world from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
2. Live cricket score is one of the awesome feature of this app that gives you real time and instant updates of cricket scores.
3. The user interface of UC News is very clean and smooth and offers a great reading experience to the users.
4. It gives you the best recommendations and also shows you the news that you like to read the most.
5. In order to satisfy your daily news reading needs, it carefully selects local Indian websites and newspapers.
6. It is not just an ordinary or normal news app rather it is just like an encyclopaedia.
7. It loads the news in a faster and speedy manner and also saves lot of your data.
8. If you like any news and want to share with your friends then you can easily do so on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, email, WhatsApp etc.
9. You can also leave your comments on a particular discussion topic or news and participate with everyone.
10. Users can pleasent and uncluttered reading experience as there are no annoying ads that unnecessarily blocks up the screen or create hurdles in your reading.
This amazing and very useful application can be downloaded in your Android device free of cost and enables you to read the news anytime and anywhere in the whole world. If you really like this app and wants to install it in your Android device then all you are required to do is just tap on the header or footer options and install it directly through CHPlay now..
Link to download: httpaff.mclick.mobi/171931/bonchen