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Wednesday, 30 November 2016
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OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE developing base and secondary steam discussion
OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE secondary steam is not going directly to condensers under negative pressure, reducing total quantity of heat which need be condensed., so for same capacity , equipped smaller size of condensers than normal pressure, which will save cold water consumption and total investment.
Oil extraction machine Technical Parameters
This Oil extraction machine technology of the negative pressure oil extraction is reusing secondary steam from desolventizer as the heat resource for first evaporation or second evaporation, because under negative pressure, the boiling point of mixed oil will be reduced, making evaporation temperature reduce and achieve to reuse secondary steam.
Under Oil extraction machine normal pressure , boiling point of mixed oil with 50% concentration is more than 80℃, secondary steam from desolventizer is about 80-82℃, which is not enough for heat exchanging. But under negative pressure, vacuum at 60-65kPa, boiling point of mixed oil is about 60-62℃, then it’s possible to reuse secondary steam from desolventizer to heat first evaporation.
Groundnut Oil extraction machine is an oil extracting process through soaking or spraying prepressed cake by a certain organic solvent.
The Oil extraction machine principle of this part is the different solubility of solvent.The Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine series includes rotary extractor, toaster, 1st evaporator, 2nd evaporator, stripping tower, condenser, etc. Main Process of the Groundnut Oil extraction machine (1) The groundnut seeds material (for pre-treatment) is sent to oil extract machine by the scraper conveyor. The oil in the seed will be extracted by the certain solvent, usually N-hexane. After this step, we will get meal and mix oil( oil and solvent). (2) Oil extraction machine Meal is sent to toaster. Through the toaster, the solvent in the meal will be separated. (3)The solvent goes to condenser and is recycled to extraction. (4) After the Oil extraction machine mix oil from the extraction enters into 1st evaporator and 2nd evaporator, most of the solvent in the mix oil is separated
Peanut Oil extraction machine is part of peanut oil processing plant which is designed to extract oil directly from peanut after flaking.
Oil extraction machine extracts peanut oil from prepressed or fully pressed peanut cake, and the Peanut Oil extraction machine is suitable for the seeds containing more than 20% oil like sunflower, peanuts, cotton seed, palm kernel, canola, copra, castor and variety of other materials.Rotating extractor adopts fixed stainless steel grid that is compact and easy to maintain and operate. It is widely used in pre-pressing extraction for high oil-content oilseed, and direct extraction for low oil-content oilseed.
The Oil extraction machine chain drive equipped with motor of low power, the speed can be adjusted easily. Extraction time can be controlled effectively. Misella circle system can reduce the residual oil of meal and increase the concentration of miscella.
The Oil extraction machine basic principle is counter-fluid extraction.This equipment greatly reduces the residual oil of meal and increases the concentration of miscella.
Peanut Oil extraction machine feature
1. Adopting negative pressure evaporation can ensure excellent oil quality
2. Peanut Oil extraction machine system is highly adaptable, and can adapt to different raw material