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Friday, 23 October 2015

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Fish is an aquatic animal .It lives in ponds, lakes or even oceans .It is the only animal that breathes through gills .They are cold blooded animals that survive all kinds of temperature of the surrounding water. They come in various shapes and sizes. According to the law of the jungle every small creature is a food of the bigger animal .Generally the small fish are the prey of sharks, whales or other bigger species. They are available in any kind of latitude whether it is the hilly terrain or the lowlands. Tadpoles are smallest form of fish available in water. The shape of the body is boat shaped which allows it to swim easily in water. The fishes never close their eyelids and they sleep with their eyes open. The fishes have high sensory organs and detect the touch long before it can actually experience. Even though they have ears they may not be able to hear properly. They are able to track their route by keeping in mind some basic landmarks. A very movie was made on the clownfish called Nemo.Nemo is shown as a fish who is in disciplined and does not listen to his parents and gets lost in the process. It is a journey of his trip when he is lost and the hardships he face in the journey. Fish is considered very auspicious and often kept in a bowl of water and fed fish food. It is known to ward off evils and give prosperity to the person who takes care of the fish. The fishes are kept in big glass tanks with a funnel attached to it for the fishes to breathe. The aquariums are kept in the reception areas of schools and the lobbies of hotels According to Vaastu six golden fishes are kept with a single black fish to bring good luck to the family. The fauna shaped knob is made of very high quality glass with the fish inside the glass knob with the eyes and mouth clearly and the mouth is colored in red .It will enhance the look of your home furniture.
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